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    美國UVP B-100AP紫外線燈/高強度紫外照射燈

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    美國UVP B-100AP紫外線燈/高強度紫外照射燈的產品介紹:
    美國UVP B-100 系列紫外線燈
    100瓦特-高強度 365nm 紫外線燈,其獨特的設計可以應用在汽車行業中.用來檢測設計漏洞
    B-100系列燈被福特、 Vauxhall 和其他大的汽車公司使用。在線路搭乘制造,礦物學研究等領域也有所應用
    美國UVP B-100AP紫外線燈/高強度紫外照射燈技術參數:
    High Intensity UV Lamps
    The Blak-Ray? B-100 Series high powered UV lamps offer brilliant irradiance for optimum fluorescence. B-100AP lamp (shown) is placed in the transformer base for hands-free operation.
    B-100SP lamp features the Cool-Touch lamp housing
    B-100Y produces high contrast light for fine surface particle detection

    B-100 lamp accessories (left to right) Finger Guard, Visor, Funnel

    Place small objects in the Exposure Box and illuminate with the B-100AP lamp

    美國UVP B-100AP紫外線燈/高強度紫外照射燈的主要特點: Main Features
    The B-100 Series lamps are available in a variety of styles: All "P" series lamps come with the special heat-resistant plastic Cool-TouchTM housing which allows users to handle the lamp head regardless of how long the lamp has been operating. These rugged lamps can be placed face down on a working surface without damage to the filter. The non "P" models are built with an aluminum lamp head.
    A 100 watt spot bulb is standard with all models (except the B-100SP); the bulb is rated at 5000 hours.
    Self-ballasted bulb included with the B-100SP has an average life of 450 to 2000 hours depending on use patterns
    Flood bulb may be used in all lamps (except B-100SP). Flood bulb life is estimated at 2000 hours
    The lamp head connects to the transformer base for hands free use (all models except B-100SP) allowing the lamp head to rotate a full 360°; remove the lamp from the base for additional mobility
    B-100AP and B-100AP/R
    B-100AP models feature 100 watt longwave UV, Cool-Touch housing and ballast base. At 18 in. (457 mm), the lamp produces a highly intense center of UV irradiance about 5 in. (127 mm) in diameter. Lamp head can rotate 360 degrees when attached to the base for hands-free operation or lamp can be removed from the base. 8 ft primary and secondary cords. For added mobility, select the B-100AP/R which includes 20 ft (6.1m) primary and secondary cords. Uses for these lamps include non-destructive testing and fluorescence inspection.
    B-100A and A-100AR
    The longwave B-100A is manufactured with a scratch-resistant aluminum housing which connects to ballast base with an 8 foot cord; 8 foot secondary cord is included. The 100 watt longwave UV bulb is excellent for inspection applications. For increased mobility, select the B-100AR which includes 20 ft (6.1m) primary and secondary cords. Uses for these lamps include non-destructive testing and fluorescence inspection.
    This 160 watt longwave, self-ballasted lamp is a highly portable, high intensity lamp for automotive leak detection applications. The ballast is built directly into the bulb. The B-100SP features the Cool-Touch housing and an 8 ft. (2.44m) cord.
    美國UVP B-100紫外線燈/B-100Y表面檢測燈B-100Y and B-100YP
    These models feature a yellow filter which blocks wavelengths shorter than 500nm and produces three strong mercury lines at 543, 574 and 576nm. The high contrast light is produced for fine surface particle detection. Particles down to 10 microns are routinely visible with this lamp. B-100Y is built with the aluminum housing; B-100YP with a plastic housing. These lamps are excellent for semiconductor wafer inspection as most photoresist absorption occurs below 450nm

    上海峰志專業代理銷售美國UVP B-100AP紫外線燈/高強度紫外照射燈,低價銷售,歡迎新老客戶前來選購,熱銷電話:18964941499!

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